The purpose of  WCCCA is to provide

services to the Western Charles County, Maryland,

 communities that will enhance the quality of life for all residents.


Mission Statement


We address the entire needs of all of the people in the Western Charles County Area of Southern Maryland. 


WCCCA is an all-volunteer, non-profit organization that acts to enhance the overall quality of life of all of the residents of Western Charles County.  Our mission is to help people in need to secure a quality family life, education, health care and other services and facilities that address basic human needs.  Further, this organization enriches, empowers and aids in equipping residents to act on their own behalf.


This organization is involved in a number of life-improving projects and activities that include, but, are not limited to:


1.   Providing assistance to families in emergency


2.   Repairs/improvements to homes.


3.   Educational Support Programs for Children.


4.   Interfacing with a variety of local government and other non-profit agencies to  better assist the residents of  western Charles County.




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