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Any citizen residing in the Western Charles County area shall be eligible to become a member of WCCCA by paying the prescribed annual dues recommended by the Executive Board and approved by the general membership. 

 Members may exercise all voting rights and hold offices for which they have been elected and approved by the body.  For purposes of these By-laws, Western Charles County shall include, but not be limited to, 
Charles County Commission. 

The boundaries run from the Port Tobacco River and Brentland Road, west to 
Cedar Point Neck Road, north to Route 6, northeast to Burch Road, north to 
Poor House Road, north to Route 225 and Marshall Corner Road, east to Mitchell         Road, northeast to Route 301, north to Turkey Hill Road, north to Middletown 
Road, north to Berry Road, west to Beale Hill Road, and north to the
 Prince George’s County line.


Eligibility for Associate Membership.  Any citizen of the United States who desires
to be an Associate Member of WCCCA may do so by paying the prescribed
 annual dues.  Associate Members shall have no voting rights, shall not hold 
an office and shall not reside in Charles County.  An Associate Member may serve 
on any committee  to which the Executive Board has appointed him/her.


The Executive Board

President:  -  Brenda L. Thomas
Vice-President:  - Gary Fick
 Treasurer- Shavonte Tibb
 Secretary -  Monica Taylor

  Board Members

Glynn Dickerson, , Hammad Martin,

Rev. Lowell Hancock, Tanja Carter, Frederick Milstead, Theodore Washington 


Grant - Tanja Carter

Building Home Repair - Alfred Milstead and Daniel Thomas

Scholarship - Tanja Carter

Youth Program - Glynn Dickerson

Promotion & Publicity -

Resources - Alfred Milstead

Activities/Fundraiser -



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